An Apartment Deposit and Flight from LA

Sooooo within the past week, I have put a deposit (with the help of the bank of Mom) on the APARTMENT I will be living in next year and booked the second leg of my flight to AUSTRALIA

Australia I'm moving to Australia!

okay, sorry it just still isn't sticking and It's most definitely due to the fact that I jump up and down with excitement every time i say it.

I'm going to be living here:

and here:

More specifically here:
but it looks SO much prettier here:

Somebody PINCH me please?

So a few grand later (I am so worth it) and I will depart from LAX on Midnight on Valentines Day, 

Happy Valentines Day to me!

Part 1: The acceptance

SO this blogger is just temporary until i learn how to use dreamweaver and make my own website for my millions of fans (JK for my mom) to follow me as i travel along to AUSTRALIA. (Update 11/1/13 this dreamweaver business never happened boooo)

also, naturally, i am super overwhelmed with paper work that i now have to complete so i decided to make this blog.

When i first received this:

it was a little bit of this

Mixed with this:

and then this:

but mostly this:

or so at least i am trying to convince myself to feel cause the thought of being away from everything i have ever known for 6 months is kinda like that "OMGWTFHOLYSH*T" feeling times a zillion.

So as N*SYNC put it best, HERE WE GOOOOOOOO!