Crickey! Pt 2 (#9)

Running on about 4 hours of sleep (thank you O-Week) bright and early Friday morning we caught a bus to the Australia Zoo aka the Steve Irwin Zoo about a half an hour away. It was definitely worth it!

Dougie-ing kangaroos,


and this little Tennessee honey,


Sleepy koalas,

We were also all stoked that there was free wifi so naturally we connected to the World Wide Web and shared our excitement!

Study Abroad Tips:

-it was $5 for a student guild membership and it got us discounts to a lot of places and free food on Wednesdays, so check around campus we had a lot of free student organizations that were more than helpful to International students 

There's wild what on campus?! (#8)


Needless to say it was one of the coolest perks of living in Australia because in buffalo there's only wild geese on campus and they're just not as fun!

It never got old to see these little buddy's on campus and even more amazing to see the joeys!

At the Australia Zoo we were able to hang around and pet them!

Study abroad tips:

-Super important to know what animals are around where you're living if you're going to a place like Australia, luckily we had our encyclopedia Adam and he informed us of what to beware of. Most of the time if you don't bother it, it won't bother you, except crocodiles they will bother you

A 23rd birthday down under (#7)

My pretty roomie ^!

Let me wear her dress!

My birthday fell on the 10th day I was living in Australia. I was nervous but alright because I never really liked my birthday anyways.

My roomie stayed up with me until midnight, and we skyped my sister, even though it wasn't my birthday yet in America! 

When I woke up I had a card on my door from him, he's very sentimental. It was only my second day of school so I had a long day ahead of me, until I went to class my roomies hung out with me all morning and both of them fell asleep on my bed (so precious).

I went to class dressed in a rain coat with a giant umbrella, wondering why I didn't take a mental health day on day 2 hmm. So I went to class until 8 and missed my birthday BBQ and kangaroo burgers, however my lovely little roomie brought a big party to my apartment! My lovely little New York lady and Tennessee bottom b made me a cake with sparklers and candles! I was so overwhelmed with all of these strangers giving me one of the best birthdays I've ever had. I don't know if I ever thanked you guys enough!

Shannon got the security guard to keep the pool open later and we went for a dip. 

So thankful for the wonderful group of people I got to celebrate with. Couldn't have even asked for better company. 

Thank goodness I had Wednesdays off :)