Noosa International Food and Wine Festival 2014

When I first got to Australia I was lucky enough to bump into a company called Social Tap, (check them out here for all your companies website, and social media needs!)

They have since given me the opportunity to be a social media volunteer at the annual Noosa International Food and Wine festival. Now if you know me, you know I love some good food and food tasting festivals are my favorite! I would also recommend at least going one or two days to the festival, just because the surrounding area of Noosa is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!

So with my trusty sidekick in tow, we headed off to Noosa on a beautiful Saturday morning, met great people, ate great food and heard great music.

Noosa National Park (and a hell of a hike)

*just figured out, click on the photos to enlarge to a slideshow

Today we ventured to Noosa National Park, because I have been craving some pretty views and also wanted to stalk some of my friends (Alysse and Nadia) beautiful photos. Although I don't think we found what we were looking for, we did see some beautiful sights :)

this bloke was trying to get at Gene

We luckily got a parking spot not too far away, but most of it was uphill (which burned my thighs on the way back) it was swarming with people for mothers day and the nice weather, but I wasn't about to pass it up. We also went at low tide, which made it easier to swim in the rock pool. 

The map above shows the places we went, we followed the blue trail from little cove beach, to Tea Tree Bay, Granite Bay and Hells Gates. The rock pool we found was around picnic cove, it was tough to climb down through the rocks and palm tree franz, but so worth it!