Summer Bucket List Series: Mt Coolum

I've decided to take my faithful blog readers (like twenty of you) on the journey through my summer bucket list. Which is actually really the "I'm leaving Australia soon, time to do all the stuff I wanted to do but haven't done in the past ten months" Enjoy!

I don't know why I always wanna climb mountains like I'm athletic or something, but the views at the top are always really pretty. Anyways this is my second time climbing up Mt. Coolum. This time we made it in twenty minutes, and Gene probably could've done it in ten, but lets face it I'm a little bit of dead weight ;)

it looks little, but it is not

A Very Sandy Christmas

This year for Christmas we drove up to Genes mommas house in Cooloola Cove. It was funny to think back where we were last year on christmas. I was in New York and Gene was here, it was nice to celebrate together. It was weird and wonderful having a warm, sandy day as opposed to a cold wet, snowy day! It was great food, good friends, air conditioning and a big pretty christmas tree! I was also very spoiled this year :)

Christmas Eve Eve: Christmas light hunting:

one house

Christmas Eve: attempt to walk to double island point lighthouse, because you can only 4 wheel drive there along the beach. Fail, epic fail, but still pretty