Summer Bucket List Series: Byron Bay

Have been wanting to hit up Byron forever and decided to jump in the car when I found out it was only about 3 hours away. I also made Gene come with me :) My last wednesday in town was the perfect day to head out, we hit some great weather and I spent the entire next day packing and crying, so I'm happy I got the chance to go before I left!

If you do decide to go I would recommend going right up to the lighthouse, we had to park way far down and then we did decide to walk down to the water, which was a major hike back up. Bring your swim stuff, because the beaches down there are much prettier than the main beach, and lots of water, because no matter how in shape you are, the climb back up is tough, and hot, so wear sunscreen.

I also wish we had save some time for the crystal castle in Mullumbimby, so you should check that out on the way there!

baes first time driving in the city!
See the Brisbane Eye Ferris Wheel behind him
a warm welcome

Summer Bucket List Series: Mt Ngungun

The view from Mt. Coolum was so pretty I was eager to venture out to some of the other mountains we have close by. We have an entire mini range near home called the Glasshouse Mountains, that consists of 5 mountains. We choose to climb the easiest one, Mt Ngungun ("gun gun") and well I don't think I'll ever be "in shape" enough to climb anything but the view was so worth it, it was clear enough to see Mooloolaba and Brisbane and we had brought subway sandwiches as rewards when we got to the top ;)

all the way to the right 253meters
we climbed these sideways rock stairs

holy sh*t
the rest of the range in the back
little man big mountain

Summer Bucket List Series: Kondalilla Falls

Wow I don't know why I waited so long to go here! My favorite, favorite waterfall out of all the three that are near where I live. Check out the other local falls here: splash waterfalls (just realized that post was almost a year ago, commence tears.) Anyways, it ended up being a perfect day to venture though the rainforest, (one of the best I have ever seen) there was a lot of walking and a lot of swimming, two of my favorite things. We ended up going all the way down to the bottom, which was cool, but the mosquitos were feasting on my sweet blood and the walk back up was a challenge!

a short downhill walk to the middle of the falls
love this!