Australia Journey Journal: Cairns

So I thought it was finally time to share my family trip to Cairns- only a year later, but what's that they say? Better late than never? Yes!

January 28th:

Cairns was the third destination on our family Journey around Australia- and definitely one of my favorite places in Australia. I love the promenade they have with the public pool, we took a water zumba class after we went out to see the Great Barrier Reef. We also had an incredible dinner at an Italian restaurant on the promenade. 

I haven't seen the GBR from any other place in Australia- but I can tell you that Cairns is great for it. We boated past a small island called "Green Island" where you could stay overnight with a small group of people, so it's really like you have a private island and snorkel with turtles and stingrays and catch a larger boat farther out into the reef- talk about amazing. Anyways down to the nitty-gritty, the visual effects, the reason you probably read my blog:

Picture Perfect view from the aeroplane
the color of the blue aint messin around

Tokyo, Japan VLog!

2 days in Tokyo in 2 minutes!

I hadn't planned on visiting Tokyo when I was in Seoul, but it was so close, so on Friday I booked a flight, and on Sunday Night I arrived. (thank you to FLIGHTNETWORK.COM, I was able to get a cheapish flight, still expensive because it was so last minute, but $100 cheaper than on the actual airline website.)

I used to find a hostel near the sumo wrestling arena (this was why I chose Tokyo for my short two day trip, over Osaka/Kyoto, although I wish I could've seen it all!)

Seoul, South Korea

Wow, okay so freshly off the plane from my first time in Asia,

(by the time I publish this it may be 1-2 weeks to 2 months "fresh off the plane" but hey at least its coming at ya!)

Seoul South Korea and Tokyo Japan to be exact.

It's truly amazing when another place on the map comes to life. Adventure, friendships and unforgettable experiences are guaranteed to come along with it.

Top FIVE favorite things I did from my two weeks in Seoul. (Two weeks really is the blink of an eye anywhere, so I didn't even touch on as many things as I would've liked to- but there is always next time!)

1. Insadong-  shopping street with aisles and hidden aisles of goodies and restaurants. The subway stops right at the beginning of it, so you can't get too lost!